Ingenious Rich Media boosting Public Awareness


The Bhartiya Janta Party is one of the two Major Political Parties of India and the largest in terms of Parliamentary Representation. Established in the 1980’s the party has strongly represented the Indian Interest and provided many visionary rulers to govern the nation.


With the power of Information and connectivity in today's age the party became increasingly cognizant about its traditional campaigning process,Around 23.1 million or 2.7% of the total eligible voters were aged 18–19 years and they needed an appropriate innovative campaign to connect with them and drive votes.


To Drive positive sentiment for the party and increase awareness of the BJP Agenda


Affle collaborated with the party to Create an interactive gallery based format called the Cube Of Change , where users can access a vast amount of information in a single Rich Media Engagement.


The results were revolutionary with an Engagement Rate of over 5.5% and a Click Through Rate of 3.2% the campaigning resulted in BJP’s outright Victory in the Indian General Election of 2014 as they secured maximum seats marking it as the first time since the 1984 Indian general elections that a party has won enough seats to govern without the support of other parties.