Igniting the Diwali Delight!


The most renowned brand in the world, Coke has been at forefront of innovative marketing. Incorporated on September 5, 1919, the Company owns or licenses and markets more than 500 non-alcoholic beverage brands.


Realising that Millenials value things differently when compared to previous generations of consumers, Coke revamped its brand campaigns to focus on the positive emotions that could be associated to their brand. They have since been infamous in launching various campaigns that ignite happiness, thankfulness and loyalty among their consumers. Keeping this in mind they were looking for a partner to positively associate their brand with Diwali cheer in a unique manner.


To create a mobile rich media experience that aptly captured their Diwali campaign of "Do Diye Zyada", revolving around expressing gratitude to the people who make your life better.


The idea was to create a rich media engagement where the users could light "Do Diye Zyada" right on their phone screens and share the Diyas with the people they lit them for across social platforms. The Rich Media ad was combined with Facebook's extensive outreach and elaborate targeting capabilities to create a formidable, social friendly Diwali campaign.


The campaign generated a Social Impression Rate of over 75% on facebook alone, spreading the joy of Diwali across Social Media, reaffirming its position as a leading Social Rich Media campaign.