Native Advertising with Microsoft Lumia 535


Nokia with reported annual revenue of approximate €12.73 billion has had strong hands in the local markets in India mostly dealing in mobile phones. Microsoft on the other hand is the world’s largest software maker in terms of revenues.


Microsoft wanted to recruit a young audience for its New Microsoft Lumia 535, the first phone to be launched without the Nokia brand name. The problem was launching a successful campaign that would retain the brand loyalty that Nokia had established while making “Lumia” synonymous with the Windows series for this young audience.


The idea was to target young audiences through our MAAS platform by the following :

1. Procure Media
2. Gauge audience intelligence
3. Measure the engagement rates.


The first highlight of our campaign was the launching time of Microsoft Lumia 535, 5:35 p.m. Our team targeted young audiences and used their association towards music by teaming up with a leading music application (Hungama), creating a new brand name “Lumia music hour” which would splash everyday at 5:35 p.m. Offering various benefits and unlimited downloads to few selected users.


The campaign genereated amazing reponses which could be statisticaly stated as :

Unique Users on the playlist: 185,000+
Total Music Streams: 575,000+
Average Time Spent: 5-6mins
Total Exposure to Playlist: 3,450,000+