Your friendly neighbourhood Running Partner!


Japans Otsuka Group’s Nutraceutical Business focuses on functional beverages and foods that help maintain and promote day-to-day well-being. Pocari Sweat, an electrolyte supplement drink, sold in 17 countries worldwide generates a revenue of ¥251.8 billion. This functional beverage holds 26% of the Global Sports Drink market share


With almost 60% of sport drinks market share in Indonesia the company wanted to increase its brand Engagement in the Indonesian Market.They wanted this done in synergy with the brand message of Pocari Sweat which is on the concept of a beverage designed for situations where people perspire..


Promoting Brand Pocari Sweat with Rich Media Campaigns akin to its Brand Activities.


Affle proposed to create a one-stop guide encompassing all things running sponsored by Pocari using Affle’s interactive Hot Spot format, thus dispensing advice, encouragement and running tips on the users’ mobile screens. This was integrated and done in alliance with their Annual Pocari Sweat Run.


The pragmatic campaign amassed over 10,000 engagements for the advertisement in a short period of time consequently increasing participation in the event significantly.