Game a free Bag


Singapores is one of Asias largest Luxury goods Retailer with an annual turnover of $120 Million Globally. Capitalising on the Ecommerce trend the company provides luxury items at an affordable rate and has 2.3 million members as of today


With fierce competition in the market Reebonz wished to solicit the expertise of the right partner to aid in brand engagement via Rich Media


They partnered with Affle to engage Users with the brand through a Rich Media Gaming format thereby promoting their web version of Reebonz Game-a-gift contest


Affle created an interactive and elementary gaming engagement centered around the primary offering of the brand - bags,called Reebonz Game-a-Gift Contest.They further used it to exploit it as a hook to attract users to the actual competition on the company website.


The Campaign generated an Engagement Rate of over 11%, Social Impressions were over 65% and web version of the game garnered Video plays over 6500 times making the campaign an astounding success!