Turning a Campaign Right!


It's almost impossible to find a company quite comparable to YouTube.Founded a mere decade ago this Video streaming website was acquired by google after just a year since its inception.


With the provision of multiple add on services already offered on Youtube, the company was looking for a reliable Rich Media Partner to aid in the launch of their new service Music's weekly top 10 tracks to their audience.


The campaign sought to drive users to experience the YouTube Music Weekly Top 10 through an engaging experience that engrossed them entirely eventually directing them to explore YouTube Music's weekly top 10 tracks.


We decided to Ensure engagement with the Top 10 through an exciting game .To build anticipation around YouTube's Weekly top 10, we improvised an engaging game experience built to familiarise them with the destination before driving them to it.


The results were just music to our ears! The campaign reached out to over 2 million people and created an engaging rich media experience that was sure to stick with the users long past experiencing it.